Double Bay Yoga Village is Closing


Happy New Year! I hope 2017 is a year full of rich experiences for you.

2016 was an absolute roller coaster for me. Having my daughter has completely rocked my world. She is just amazing and motherhood is more transformative than anyone gives it credit for. But things haven’t really gone to plan! Before I became a Mum I was convinced our daughter would be really chilled out, and would just slot in to our lives. I imagined her coming in to the shala with us in the mornings and sleeping in her bouncer at the front of the room.

Ha! Not my baby! She isn’t a great sleeper and as a result, neither am I. Seven months of serious sleep deprivation has a pretty crazy effect on your priorities and you really start to go in to survival mode. That’s where I am now. I find it hard enough to find time and motivation to brush my hair let alone come in to teach in the mornings. I have been struggling to keep on top of running two schools and be a present and good mother. I know that at this point in my life, nothing is more important than taking care of my daughter, Indhira, and giving her my undivided attention. 

With that in mind, in December my husband Gabriel and I began to look in to the possibility of selling the Double Bay school or partnering up with someone to give it the love and focus it deserves (and that we have not been able to give it). Two weeks ago we began some discussions with the landlord at Double Bay about the continuation of our lease and possible transfer in to another name. They expressed they wanted the space back to use for their business, and wished to cut our lease short. It has come at very short notice but we are left in a position where we simply cannot move forward in that space anymore and as such the Double Bay school will be hosting its last classes on January 28th.

We are heartbroken by this turn in events and would love to offer those of you who attend the Double Bay studio an opportunity to continue practicing with us in Potts Point. We will be sending a separate email out to you today with details.

In the mean time, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your support down in Double Bay, we have been so touched by the community and hope we can continue to serve you and guide you through your yoga practice.

All the teachers from Double Bay will continue to teach at Potts Point and we will be having more classes on the schedule from Feb 1. Please check the timetable for the updated information and we genuinely hope to see you there soon.

For those of you who have current memberships and passes we would like to offer you something to come and test out the Potts Point studio. If you haven't recieved our email for some reason, please contact us by email and we can discuss with you.

Much love and gratitude,