About Hatha Vinyasa Yoga


Hatha Vinyasa is a flowing style of Hatha Yoga, where poses are held for a short time, and are linked together by flowing movements that are accompanied by either an inhale or an exhale. This style of yoga is accessible to everyone and is adapted to suit the group that is in the class on the day. The teacher will change the sequence slightly from class to class to allow students some variety and to experiment with different poses, working in to different parts of the body. Students will feel a stretch and strengthening affect on the body from attending these classes, whilst the focus on the breath will help to calm the mind. 


Classes usually start with a short meditation, before moving through standing poses, seated poses, maybe some arm balances, some back bends and inversions. Most classes will end with a short meditation and finally a rest. 


Gentle Hatha is the name of another slower style of Hatha Vinyasa that is offered at Yoga Village. In these classes students are offered less challenging versions of the poses and there are less strenuous flowing movements linking the poses together. 


Beginners Yoga (Foundations) classes at Yoga Village cover the basics of both of these above listed styles of yoga and are a good idea to attend before attending the general classes.