Nadia Stinga Rihani

Nadia is honoured to be a Level 2 Authorised Ashtanga teacher, and was given her blessing to teach this method by Sharath Jois in 2014.

Nadia first found the yoga mat whilst studying at university and really felt changed by the practice when she began daily practice in her first job after completing her studies.
After living in the USA, Italy and Portugal Nadia returned home and
discovered the Ashtanga method which she found life changing. After many years of study Nadia left her corporate career to focus on teaching and in 2011 founded Yoga Village with the intention of creating an authentic and non-competitive space in which students could practice and teachers could facilitate their learnings.

Since 2010 Nadia has travelled to India each year for intensive self study and practice, from which she sources inspiration for her teaching and life.

Nadia is extremely grateful to be walking on this path and to be able to share the joy and pain of a sincere yoga practice with her students.

Nadia Stinga Rihani instructs the following:
  • Ashtanga Yoga Mysore Style
  • Please read the full description on the Yoga Village website before attending
    Following the same sequence as the the Ashtanga Led Class, these classes allow students to move at their own pace and are taught in the traditional style or self practice. Students are not expected to know the sequence and will be taught it one on one in a group setting over time. 
    Students become familiar with the sequence and develop a self practice that is guided by an experience Ashtanga Teacher & Practitioner. Over time this sequence grows as students are introduced to new poses when they have mastered the pose they are currently working on. As a result of this time required to learn the sequence students commit to a regular practice to ensure they learn the sequence properly and safely (3 times per week minimum). 
    This method, developed by Patthabhi Jois allows students to genuinely progress their practice, at their own pace, which means they are not being pushed forward or held back due to the rest of those attending the class. 
    Students should arrive early, the doors open half an hour before the advertised class time and you are welcome to get started as soon as you arrive if you already know the sequence. If you are new to this style please arrive at the noted class start time.
    Expect your first practice to last around 30-45 minutes, which will eventually build up to a full 90 minute practice.

  • Hatha
  • Hatha, meaning the balance between the sun and the moon, is a free flowing and physically challenging style of yoga. This is the perfect for those who are looking for an activity in which they can completely channel their energy. Students are encouraged to breath through the ever changing poses and can expect to feel revitalised at the end of the class.
    This is a mixed level class and teachers will offer different options for those of different experience levels. Some experience is required.