With Sharon Stzar

- make your menstrual cycle a key part of your wellness regime -

 Saturday, 5 May, 11am - 5pm (incl. lunch break)



Saturday, 5 May, 11am - 5pm (incl. lunch break)


As women in our fertile years we bleed once a month. It’s part of our lives for up to 40 years or longer. Yet we don’t really know much about our menstrual cycles. Periods are so much more than a signal that we aren’t pregnant. They can be the driver of our wellbeing.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda a practitioner will be able to ascertain the health of a woman just by asking questions about her cycle. What would yours be?


Join Sharon Stzar in a one-day workshop where you’ll learn how a woman’s wellness regime is incomplete until she knows how to embrace her monthly cycle. We will cover:


•    The way your period talks to you: the messages from absent, scant, heavy or painful bleeding, cramping, PMS, PCOS, infertility and other common female health issues

•    How to live harmoniously with your cycle using food, lifestyle & movement practices; including why embracing your cycle means embracing every week of your cycle

•    The strengths and potential shadows of each stage of your cycle and knowing how to maximise intuitive, creative and sexual energies just by tuning in

•    The ancient rhythms and sacred rituals of women who synced in with the moon.


Specifically, you’ll be introduced to a combination of tools that will help turn what you may now call a monthly curse into a monthly blessing, including:

•    Rituals to follow for each week of your cycle

•    A food and lifestyle plan that supports the ebb and flow of our fluctuating hormones

•    Yoga mudras, vibrational medicine and sound and breathing techniques that will help you to better connect in with your body

•    An STM restorative sequence tailored for the new moon and full moon (2 hour class to conclude workshop).


This workshop is suitable for all menstruating women


Investment: $165 if paid by 5 April/$185 if paid after

This price includes a tea ceremony, a handbook covering what you’ve learnt on the day and a few take-home goodies to support your cycle.


This Workshop is Limited to 15 Spaces



Sharon Stzar Bleed Menstruation Workshop


About Facilitator Sharon Sztar

For 15 years I skipped my periods. My real ones that was. Like 33.6% of Australian women I was on the contraceptive pill. I never really knew what it was like to bleed naturally until I was 32 years old. Actually, I never really knew - or cared - that I wasn’t bleeding naturally!


Fast forward a few years and due to a chronic illness and the subsequent loss of my menstrual cycle for 2.5 years, I was finally given a chance to see the blessing in our monthly menses. For me to see its link to my womanhood and health. I honestly missed them! In working to get my cycle back I started to get to know my womb: its magic, its mystique, its power and its vulnerability.


In this workshop I will share with you the practices I followed to assist the regular, pain-free and health-enhancing return of my menstrual cycle, as well as the practices I still embody to this day.


I’m a writer, author, speaker and STM restorative teacher, and of course, a passionate period-advocate. Prior to my illness, I worked in corporate marketing and communications in Sydney and Melbourne for 12 years before life-changing to the magical Byron Bay in the NSW Northern Rivers region.




This Workshop is Limited to 15 Spaces



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BLEED With Sharon Stzar

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