Guru Purnima

We are right in the thick of winter now! There is something magical about practicing yoga in this cold weather – the body is just so ready to move, and the mind so ready to move inwards! Although waking up in the dark is more difficult, in winter it seems to come with a burst of energy which I can feel as soon as you all walk in the room. So thank you for sharing that energy with me.

Today is Full Moon, which in many traditions is a rest day from yoga. There are varied reasons and opinions behind this. Some believe that the lunar cycle leaves you vulnerable to injury; another theory is that because the body consists mainly of water, we are affected by full moon like the ocean tides. Whether you subscribe to these ideas or not it is always nice to bring ourselves back to a restful and grounding practice once a month.

But today isn’t just any full moon, today is Guru Purnima, or ‘The Guru’s Moon’. This is the time to look back at our year so far, review our progress, renew our intentions and determination on the path, as well as Honour the Guru! So today, why not think back to the intentions you might have set at the start of the year, reconsider them and set yourself back on track. Pay respects to all those who have shared wisdom with you and whilst setting your intentions try to link them in with the messages your teachers or guru’s have offered you.

I have been lucky enough to have many wonderful teachers, and although my yoga teachers have taught me so much, one of my favourite pieces of wisdom came from my year 6 teacher, Miss Elliot. I remember her telling the class one day to ‘Look out the window while you are on the bus on your way to school. Look at the people standing at the bus stop frowning. Whatever you do, make sure that you aren’t frowning about where you are headed each day. If you are going to do something daily, make sure it is something to smile about. If it isn’t making you smile then either change what you do or change your approach to what you are doing”. Though I didn't think any thing of it at the time, these wonderfully wise words that have stuck with me for twenty years.

Happy Guru Purnima!

In Love & light,



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