The Importance of Practicing Yoga in Winter

I would first like to say how happy I am to see so many of you continuing your yoga practice even though the temperature is dropping. When the weather turns colder it can be an automatic reaction to skip out any physical activity that you do in your life but there are so many reasons why this is the best time of year to really develop a daily practice of yoga.

Here are my top 6:

Winter is traditionally a time where we hibernate and spend more time on our own. It is therefore a wonderful time to create some introspective and to really develop a personal connection with your yoga practice and the energy and feelings it creates in your body. For the same reason it is also a wonderful time to start meditation.

As the temperature outside drops we need the temperature inside to stay warm in order to ward off illness. Practising Ujayi breath while you move is great to help with this.

Ever feel cold fingers and toes and wonder if you have poor circulation? Yoga encourages circulation through your entire body which helps you stay warm when you leave your gloves at home.

Many people suffer from joint pain which is increased in winter. A dynamic yoga practice keeps your joints active and well lubricated to minimise this pain.

Minimised contact with sunlight and natural light can bring about feelings of depression and sadness. Yoga helps increase positive energy so you stay happy and uplifted in winter. Pranayama techniques such as alternate nostril breathing help keep your sinuses healthy and clear. Even if you cannot attend a class daily I would highly recommend including 5 minutes of alternate nostril breathing in to your day.

Lastly, it is toasty warm in here, it smells nice and you'll feel good for having done something other than sit down all day!!

In Love & Light,



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