Introducing one of my favourite teachers...

yogapose Dan is one of the teachers who inspired me to teach yoga.... I still remember my first yoga class with him. I had been practicing yoga for about one year, and I thought I was pretty damn good actually! But there were still so many things I struggled with, Jump throughs, holding arm balances and more.

Enter Dan Fanthorpe.

A friend recommended I attended his classes, she said I would like the challenge of them and she wasn't wrong. His class was more challenging than any other I had attended, but at the same time it so much fun and I learned a lot. In the first class with Dan I was able to hold some of the poses I had been attempting for a whole year. After that first class Dan quickly became one of my favourite teachers and though he no longer lives in Sydney I regularly attend his retreats in Australia and abroad. This is why I am so excited to be hosting Dan’s workshop series ‘The Art of Flying’ at Yoga Village this weekend and his 'Backbending Masterclass' in July. I am so often asked about how to jump forward and back to standing and to sitting, how to jump in to handstands and how to find lightness in your yoga practice. This will be the focus of the weekend workshop which will hopefully transform your practice. There are still a few places left so I would highly recommend booking in if you are interested.