Yoga Village is Moving!!

Yes the rumours are true!

After an amazing weekend retreat just finished I returned back to some exciting news confirming that that the rumours are indeed true. Yoga Village is moving home!

After two incredible years on Bayswater Road, it started to become clear that Yoga Village would soon outgrow its little nest. So I started looking around and as luck would have it I found the perfect new home just a 2 minute walk away. So in around 6 weeks we will be picking up all our things and moving in to 18-20 Darlinghurst Road. The new space will have two yoga rooms, separate foyer, bathrooms and showers and a lot of light and love!

I purposely chose a new premises that would keep our class sizes intimate and decided that as the studio grows we would add more classes as opposed to trying to add more students to the existing ones. So basically this means, the same teachers your love, same classes, just more of them.

If you walk past the new building you will almost certainly see that there is no front door yet; but don't worry – it will be built soon enough and we can invite everyone up to have a little poke around when we have a launch party.

Accompanying the move comes a few changes on the timetable so please do write to us with any suggestions.

I hope you are as excited as I am about these changes! I know you will love the new space as much as (if not more than) the current home on Bayswater Road. It has a very similar feel with high ceilings and lots of light, and most importantly, a really warm energy.

Please make sure you like the Facebook page as over the next few weeks I will be posting photos of the new space as it all pulls together.


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