The Practice of Being Alone

Happy New Year Everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed a break and feel rested after the holiday period. Many people have written telling me how they have had a chance to reassess their situations and are looking forward to big changes in 2014. Whether you are looking for change or content with the way things are I hope that 2014 is a year of growth for you all.

I am having quite an eye-opening experience in India this year. On previous trips to India I have been overly social when I wasn’t practicing yoga; always making new friends, and running off to explore the city and its surrounds, eating at different restaurants each day and chatting and laughing all day long. Whilst I value those times so much, this year I have made a conscious effort not to be overly social. I would fall in to bed each evening in a heap, so tired from the conversation and electric energy between myself and my new friends.

Spending too much time socialising and talking to others is extremely exhausting and I can see now that in the past, it was detracting from my practice and my sole purpose of being in India. This year, before leaving Sydney, my teacher suggested I shouldn’t fall in to the trap of being too social. I have followed her advice and found it a deeply enriching practice in itself.

That’s not to say I have become a complete hermit. I have made friends with many other students and try to get out for a meal around 3 or 4 times a week. The trickiest part at first was to just say ‘no’ to going out, the benefits I have experienced thus far are:

* A more restful mind; as I am not constantly stimulated my mind is clearer and I have been able to reconnect with what is important to me.

* More energy for morning asana practice

* More mindful with my actions throughout the day – when I feel tired, I rest, when I feel hungry, I cook etc; I am conscious of my needs at the time.

* More creativity in the kitchen; because I am expending less energy I am following a Sattvic diet but also avoiding dairy. This has forced me to think more creatively about what I am cooking. See one of my favourite new recipes that you can make in 10 minutes here

* More time to read; I have read 4 books already!

* More quality time with friends; when I am catching up with friends I value the time so much more

I encourage you all to take some time out from social responsibilities and practice being alone. There is so much to learn about yourself from the practice of being alone.

Peace & Love

Nadia x


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