Three Simple Stress Stoppers

Is anyone else feeling Stressed?! How did it come to be April already? We are well and truly in 2014 now and if you are anything like me then this is around the time of year that I start to feel most stressed.

I know how to stress out. I used to get so stressed that I would get eczema on my face, would spend endless nights awake with my mind ticking over and would develop a twitch in the corner of my eye. Somewhere along the way I decided I couldn't maintain that level of stress, as it was so obvious physically as well as emotionally that I wasn't coping. So here is what I did.

I made a choice not to stress any more.

It sounds so simple but it was amazingly effective. Once I made the decision not to stress then every time I started to feel overwhelmed I would recognise it and do one of these simple things.

1) Take three breaths - deep ones, with my eyes closed. And for those three breaths I was transported back in to the present moment, allowing me to remember that actually, everything is ok, exactly as it is, right now.

2) Laugh:  I remembered something that makes me laugh. Lately I remember a funny story about something cute my nephew did and again, I remember that actually, everything is just fine, as it is, so there is no need to worry.

3) Go Outside: Even for 5 minutes I would go outside, either to feel the breeze, the sun or the wind on my skin. For 5 minutes I would focus on those things and again, I would remember that hey, right now, everything is fine, the world does not revolve around this problem.

So those my my seemingly obvious tips for managing stress but there are a lot more tools that can help you relax on a much deeper level and can help remove some of the symptoms of stress.  This weekend Cora Geroux will be running her 'Stress Less' workshop series which will cover natural and easy tools to help you manage stress, including (amongst other things) breath work (pranayama), yoga asana (relaxing postures).

This workshop will also discuss how to recognise stress in the body and different types of stress. This is highly recommended and a workshop we only run once a year. If you are interested please book online as spaces are limited.


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