Meet Lizzie Avery!

Many of you emailing would have noticed that Jess is no longer replying to emails and that a new lady, Lizzie has been taking care of all of your enquiries. I wanted to put a face to her name. So please meet Lizzie – the beautiful yoga loving Virgo with a heavy breathing pug called Daisy….

Lizzie Avery (or Lizzie Aves as her besties call her) is our Studio Manager at Yoga Village. She will be the first person to greet you with a big beautiful smile and is always more than happy to help with anything you need.

Lizzie is just about to complete her teacher training at Yoga Arts in Bali, so get to know her because before you know it, she will be guiding you through your Yoga Practise as well.

Apart from her dedication to her Yoga practise, Lizzie is completely obsessed with Pugs (well all animals, really). She has her own 8 year old Pug called Daisy Moo Moo The Grumbly Moo Scrums for the Bali Moo and if you’re lucky, you might get to meet Daisy in the studio when she makes one of her famous guest appearances.

Lizzie is also a big fan of slow cooking, and if you ever need a good recipe (or want to share one) don’t be afraid to ask!

To follow Lizzie and really understand just how obsessed she is with Pugs (and Yoga!), you can follow her on Instagram at @Lizzie_Avery

If you have any questions about Yoga Village, you can email her enquiries (at)