Winter Face Mask Recipe

If you are anything like me then this dry, cold, wintery weather will leave your joints cracking, finger tips numb and skin dry. As a recent sufferer of eczema in winter as well as being a long time believe in natural products I have had to come up with some various recipes to keep my skin nourished to avoid possible eczema break outs.

Did you know that when the body is lacking energy then it starts taking energy from the non-essential organs in the body - the largest of which is the skin? Well apparently this is true; which makes sense because in winter our body is working a little bit harder to do anything due to the lack of vitamin D, often a lack in exercise and requiring extra energy just to keep us warm and ward off all those illnesses that are floating around at this time of year.

Now this recipe doesn't look very pretty when it is on but the effect of the yoghurt and the turmeric on the skin is pretty amazing. The zing in the turmeric invites circulation all the way to the skins surface.

These are the ingredients and what they do to help your skin

Yogurt - yogurt contains lactic acid which helps dissolve dead skin cells and apparently helps to fight wrinkles (yay!). The zinc helps regulate the oil in the skin which is great for those who get acne and the calcium helps skin regeneration.

Turmeric - This spice is an amazing anti-oxidant that helps fight free radicals. The colour adds a light glow to the skin (natural fake tan), and it also helps even skin tone and assists scar fading. Turmeric helps fight inflammation and skin discolouration (redness).

Honey - Honey is antibacterial so great for preventing acne and pimples. It is great for moisturising which helps during winter when the air is predominantly dry. The antioxidants help anti-aging and fight against wrinkes.

Cinnamon  - This spice brings the blood and oxygen to the surface of the skin which gives a natural 'plumping' look to skin and lips.

Mix a little together of each ingredient and put on your face for 15 minutes, and if you don't like it on the skin it also tastes great!

The full recipe would include eating foods that nourish your skin such as berries, dark leafy greens, avocado etc as well as keeping your body moving through yoga and walking to keep your energy moving through the body.

For more tips join myself and Yaz from The Happiness Cocktail for 'Salute Your Skin' a fun workshop where you will learn yoga poses, recipes and natural tips for keeping your skin healthy and will walk away with a goody bag worth over $100! Places are limited so please book soon. Peace Love & Yoga, Nadia


Mary Elbert
Mary Elbert
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