A Perfect Balance

When was the last time that you felt truly ' in balance ' ?

+ Physically Strong & Healthy ?
+ Energetically ' In The Flow ' ?
+ Mentally, Calm & Clear ?
Join Cora Geroux for a 2- hour experiential workshop that will systematically cleanse and balance your entire mind-body system.When you are in balance, you know it.

Life seems almost effortless, you feel clear and focused on your goals + dreams and full of energy to pursue them. You feel present, and connected to yourself and those around you. In order to achieve this sort of balance, we need to work with our whole being. It just so happens that yoga & meditation offer us the exact tools we need, to balance ourselves physically, mentally and energetically.

In this workshop we will work with three main techniques, or styles of practice - each of which will target a specific aspect of our being.

Sweat : Vinyasa Yoga (or yang yoga) is a fluid, heat building practice that tones, stretches and strengthens the entire physical body. Active practice builds the masculine, assertive energy that we need to get things done in the world.

Stillness : Yin Yoga is a still, passive practice that opens, cleanses and re-balances our energetic system by working with the meridian lines - energetic pathways within the body. This style of practice encourages feminine, receptive and creative energy that we need to live with intuition and connection.

Silence : Meditation is the practice of allowing the mind to settle, and moving beyond the normal everyday chatter we carry in our heads. It is from this space of stillness and silence that we can return to our true nature - perfect balance. This practice will allow for the integration of yin & yang, active and passive within us.

The result? A strong, flexible body, clear and open energetic channels, and a calm, focused mind. Sounds pretty good right?

Date Sunday 17 August, 2014. 3pm - 5pm

Investment $50

Sign up now - places are limited.  


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