Yoga Village Teacher Training - Sydney, 2015

Deepen Your Practice & Share Your Passion For Yoga With Others

Welcome Yogi, 

Yoga Village is excited to announce our Inaugural Yoga Teacher Training Program will commence in March of 2015.

Before you dive in to the details, I would like to share a short quote with you.  It is my hope that these words will impart the flavour, the underlying current or backbone of this training and give you a better understanding of our perspective of the yogic path.  Author, psychologist and buddhist teacher, Tara Brach writes:

"There are two contrasting motifs of spiritual development that I find its valuable to reflect on:

In the first, and this is the more traditional view, the spiritual path is like ascending a mountain of perfection. Our job is to transcend the lower, more impure self and achieve high and rarefied states of purity and perfection. So what that means is the seductive realms of sexuality and sensuality and emotionally are to be guarded against with great vigilance. And the feminine side, our earthy nature is not to be trusted. In fact, we are supposed to control this part of our being. This has to do with reacting to the perceived blight of original sin. Something is inherently wrong with me.

Carl Jung suggests a paradigm shift, a more mature and friendly vision, so this is the second motif:  Rather than a journey towards perfection, our journey is towards wholeness. Rather than ascending upwards, we are turning to embrace this world, this life, in all its realness. Broken, messy, vivid, alive - so we are becoming genuinely intimate with this life. Our essential nature is trustworthy, is good, is awareness. There is nothing to strive for, that is outside ourselves."

In this program, we are not striving for perfection, but rather turning in, towards wholeness.

-  Cora, xx

 If the words above resonate with you, and you have a desire to deepen your personal practice, and learn how to share your passion for yoga with others - we would be exceptionally happy to welcome you to apply for the 2015 Yoga Village Teacher Training Program.

This training will prepare you with philosophical understanding, anatomical knowledge, business understanding and most importantly practical teaching experience; laying the foundation to become a capable, confident and inspired yoga teacher. It is our highest intention that by the end of your training, you are not only qualified to teach yoga, but feel confident walking into your very first class, and teaching from the heart.

What sets the Yoga Village teacher training apart is our emphasis on yoga asana as mindful movement,  practice teaching and hands on assisting. You will go from learning, to doing, to being. This course will fill the gaps that many teacher training programs leave open by providing practical preparation for yoga teaching. Trainees will be expected to attend, observe, assist and eventually teach groups classes in the studio throughout the entire course to enable them to step from the textbook to the classroom confidently.

Teacher trainees will gather monthly from March to October 2015, meeting for a full weekend of theory, personal practice and hands on assisting and teacher.  In addition to the weekend trainings we will meet for a 5 day intensive training retreat.

In between these meets there will be mentoring and assisting,  which will give you a chance to ask questions, receive feedback and  practice what you learn until it feels natural. This takes time, therefore our training has been designed to give you time and space you need to truly understand and consolidate your course work.

Students will also need to commit to attending a minimum of 2 classes per week at the studio outside the teacher training program.

Our training is comprehensive and hands on please make sure that you are available for the following dates. Each of the following dates is a Saturday & Sunday, and will run for approximately 6-8 hours per day. The 5 day retreat dates TBA.

 Course Dates
  • March  - 14th &15th
  • April - 18th & 19th
  • May - 16th & 17th
  • June - 20th & 21st
  • July - 18th & 19th
  • August - 15th &16th
  • Sept - 19th & 20th
  • October - 17th & 18th
5 Day Intensive:  Date TBA
Payment Options  We offer 3 Different ways you can pay:

  •  Early Bird Full Pay - Full Price $4000  (Must be paid in full before December 15th, 2014)
  •  Regular Full Payment - Full Price $4200 (Must be paid in full before February 28, 2015)
  •  Payment Plan Monthly Deductions of $570 From February to September (Total $4560)
Additional Costs:
  •  Course Materials such as books, props for home practice, Yoga Classes (outside of teacher training weekends)
  • One day First Aid course

Faculty Untitled design
Cora Geroux - Lead Trainer

Cora Geroux is a life coach, yoga teacher and writer. Cora is an ERYT 200, RYT 500, international yoga teacher. She has been teaching yoga classes, sold-out workshops, mindful yoga & meditation retreats and private yoga sessions -  full time since for the last 6 years. In this time Cora has amassed more than 4000 hours of teaching experience, in Canada, America and Australia. Cora first came to yoga in an effort to manage her anxiety, and has been practicing yoga for over a decade. In the yoga world,  Cora has studied with Ted Grand, Jessica Robertson, Frank Jude Boccio, Bernie Clark, Sadie Nardini,  and Richard Miller - among many others. Cora teaches strong and sweaty vinyasa classes, deep, introspective yin yoga and insightful meditation & yoga nidra.

On a bigger level Cora's passion lies at the intersection of western psychology, and eastern spirituality.  At the age of 18 Cora began her study of Psychology at Simon Fraser University, and graduated at 24 with a BA in Psych. In 2014 , Cora became a life coach after training with Julie Parker, Rachel MacDonald and Melissa Ambrosini of The Beautiful You Coaching Academy. She weaves this passion and understanding of the mind and wisdom traditions  into the study and practice of yoga philosophy, energetic anatomy, yoga asana and through her writing. Cora’s work and writing has been featured in numerous well known sources; such as Inspired Coach Magazine,  Elephant Journal, The Lululemon Blog, The Wellness Project, The 21- Day Meditation Project, The Loving Earth Blog and countless other. publications. Cora is also an ambassador for Lululemon and a faculty member for the Level 2 Teacher Training at Qi Health & Yoga in Manly. If you want to learn more about Cora - you can visit her at or contact Cora at


Elizabeth Bennett - Anatomy & Physiology 

Liz  has been teaching yoga and working as a physiotherapist for over 15 years.Having my early physiotherapy career in the hospital system, then moving into private practice where I have remained, I've worked with people in a huge variety of settings, both in a hands on treatment capacity and teaching yoga to clients.

My yoga teaching began at 21, when I enthusiastically started classes at the hospital for staff on site. Formal training began in Sydney, in 2004, with a three-year intensive apprenticeship with physiotherapists and yoga teachers Simon Borg Olivier and Bianca Machliss of Yoga Synergy. After teaching full time at Yoga Synergy, I moved to the Northern Beaches and undertook a Diploma of Yoga Teaching with Michael De Manincor at the Yoga Institute of Australia. I began teaching Anatomy and Physiology to yoga teacher trainees in 2006.

Liz's  Anatomy and Physiology module for Yoga Village is experiential and practical, oriented towards the questions of  "what are we doing in this pose, why and what can we do for the safety of ourselves and our students." By linking what we need to know of the anatomy of the different joints and systems with visual and kinaesthetic practice in class, my intention is for students to know and embody a deeper understanding of the wisdom of the body. Understand what can prevent and alleviate physical issues. Then, as teachers, you will be able to communicate safe and meaningful knowledge to your students.

For further information, to request a prospectus, or to apply please contact us below or get in touch with Cora Geroux directly at