Finding Confidence: On & Off the Yoga Mat

I am writing to you from Mysore, India where I on my annual study trip at The Ashtanga Institute. I find this trip so beneficial. not only do I have the chance to study with one of the most amazing teachers in the world but it also gives me a chance to reflect on myself and what this practice means to me on a deeper level.

I spend so much time on my own here. I live on my own, eat most meals on my own, make all decisions on my own, find my own house, scooter etc. In this place I need to be completely confident in myself in order to get things done. So often things go wrong - in fact, in india I am almost guaranteed that things won’t go to plan! I need to trust that everything that is meant to be happening is happening and be confident and relaxed with that.

The same applies in the practice. Always in my first week I feel a lack of confidence in my practice. I always worry that my teacher will not think I am good enough, that other people in  the room might be better than me, and then of course, I feel fear when my teacher gives me new poses that I cannot do them. I start to question myself.

Of course, these thoughts are just a reflection of how I see myself. How we all see ourselves. We all have fears. Someone in the room must be looking at my practice and having the same doubts about their own.

The only thing we have to remember is that everything that is meant to be happening, on and off the mat is meant to be happening and will, in some way, strengthen our confidence.

Until next time...

Peace, Love & Yoga



Kundalini rising: the divine pathway through the 7 chakras with Kendall Goddard

November 29, 10:30 - 1pm

One of the purposes of the yoga practice is to move our innate, divine energy from it’s dormancy at the root of our torsos up through the 7 main energy centres to experience complete awakening. In this dynamic vinyasa and meditation workshop, we follow the ascent of kundalini as she rises from her resting place at the muladhara chakra towards her lover Shiva, who beckons her to join him at the third eye. From here, experience the bliss, as the pair, finally unite and transcend the golden crown and beyond.

We will explore the attributes of each chakra and how balancing the flow of energy in each one can release emotional blocks, illness and deeply-held beliefs that inhibit us from experiencing our destined bliss.

All levels welcome.