Ashtanga Yoga: What's the Story with Moon Days?

Many of us know through experience or through hearing the rumours that Ashtanga Yoga is a strong practice, both physically and mentally. The practice (when adhered to properly) requires intense dedication from its students which is one of the reasons this practice can be so incredible transforming.

When I first began to practice I didn't adhere to all these 'rules' such as practicing 6 days per week, taking rest when I was menstruating, respecting the full and new moon as rest days. But after a year or so they seemed to make sense and I naturally wanted to respect and follow this tradition in its tried and tested form.

When I explain to friends, family (and sometimes students) the reasons why we take rest on new and full moon I am often met with a rolling of the eyes, like what I am saying has no substance. And maybe it does appear that way, but I can say in honesty that since I have started respecting the moon cycles my whole body seems more in sync with the natural cycles of the planet and universe. Taking rest on the moon isn't just a requirement, by the time the moon day comes along, I can actually feel it in my body.

Here is a good description from the Jois Ashtanga Yoga Centres

"It has always been the tradition in Ashtanga Yoga to rest from asana practice on new and full moon days (tithis). When asked why we shouldn’t practice on these days, Guruji was fond of saying, “Two ‘plantets’ [grahas] one place, very dangerous.” What is meant by this is that on these days, the sun and the moon are in a line relative to the position of the earth. Consequently, their gravitational forces are all combined, and thus the effect of the ‘plantets’ more pronounced. One definitive effect of this is that the ocean’s tides are higher and lower on these days. When āsana practice is done daily, rest days are important for regeneration; and the extra biweekly ‘moon day’ comes as a welcomed respite."

So we are now respecting the rest days in our Ashtanga Yoga program here at Yoga Village. All other classes will take place as usual, but Ashtanga Yoga Mysore Style, Intro to Ashtanga Yoga and Ashtanga Led Classes will not take place on the following days.

Moon Days 2015

  • Jan 5 Monday (FULL)
  • Jan 20 Tuesday (NEW)
  • Feb 4 Wednesday (FULL)
  • Feb 19 Thursday
  • Mar 5 Thursday (FULL)
  • Mar 20 Friday (NEW)
  • Apr 3 Friday (FULL)
  • Apr 19 Sunday (NEW)
  • May 4 Monday (FULL)
  • May 18 Monday (NEW)
  • Jun 3 Wednesday (FULL)
  • Jun 17 Wednesday (NEW)
  • Jul 2 Thursday (FULL)
  • Jul 16 Thursday (NEW)
  • Aug 1 Saturday (FULL)
  • Aug 15 Saturday (NEW)
  • Aug 30 Sunday (FULL)
  • Sep 13 Sunday (NEW)
  • Sep 28 Monday (FULL)
  • Oct 13 Tuesday (NEW)
  • Oct 28 Wednesday (FULL)
  • Nov 12 Thursday (NEW)
  • Nov 26 Thursday (FULL)
  • Dec 12 Saturday (NEW)
  • Dec 26 Saturday (FULL

  • January 10 Sunday (NEW)
  • January 24th Sunday (FULL)
  • February 9th Tuesday (NEW) 
  • February 23 Tuesday (FULL) 
  • March 9 Wednesday (NEW)
  • March 23 Wednesday (FULL)
  • April 7 Thursday (NEW)
  • April 22 Friday (FULL) 
  • May 7 Saturday (NEW) 
  • May 22 Sunday (FULL)
  • June 5 Sunday (NEW)
  • June 20 Monday (FULL)
  • July 4 Monday (NEW)
  • July 20 Wednesday (FULL)
  • August 3 Wednesday (NEW) 
  • August 18 Thursday (FULL)
  • September 1 Thursday (NEW)
  • September 17 Saturday (FULL)
  • October 1 Saturday (NEW)
  • October 16 Sunday (FULL)
  • October 31 Monday (NEW)
  • November 15 Tuesday (FULL)
  • November 30 Wednesday (NEW)
  • December 14 Wednesday (FULL)
  • December 29 Thursday (NEW)
Please don't use those days to go running or do another yoga class. Instead give your body a chance to rest, sleep in a little, meditate, stretch lightly at home or go for a stroll in the park. And enjoy!!

Much Love


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