Tips & Thought on Hip Opening

Many years ago I read a magazine article that described our hips as the junk drawer of the body – the place where we store emotions, memories and stress that we don’t know what to do with or that we aren’t ready to address in the current time. I found this extra interesting as often when I would spend an hour stretching and specifically targeting my hips I would feel overwhelmed with emotion, sometimes anger and sometimes sadness. Often I would cry and then after the outburst would feel a huge sense of release. The idea is that when we are feeling any kind of stress (emotional or other) it has a huge affect on the body and its ability to allow energy to flow through it, hence the tightening of some specific areas.


At the time I was working in a job that I found incredibly unfulfilling. The office environment I spent a large portion of each day in made me feel a little lifeless and dull and although I enjoyed the actual content of my work I didn’t enjoy so many other factors of being there. This had a huge influence of my life at the time and I experienced repercussions in my body as a result.


I had trouble sleeping, my hips ceased up, as a result I started getting back pain, I had also been experiencing some knee pain for some time. A lot of this I put down to stress, emotional stress putting physical stress in to my body. There were a few ways I introduced change in to my life that really helped me combat the problem. Here are just a few:


1)   Practice yoga daily…. Seems obvious right? And you might think you don’t have time but all you need is 15 minutes a day to get your body moving and the energy flowing. Try some sun salutations at home before you eat breakfast.

2)   Get out at lunchtime and have some fresh air. Take your break – if you are getting food try to get outside to eat it, or take a short walk . As you walk try to engage your core so your hip flexors don’t tighten up.

3)   To help combat tight hips sit at your desk with your legs crossed. It is so much better for your whole body; your spine will be straighter, your core will be engaged and your hip flexors will be opening. People might think you look strange but who cares? Sit like this when you are at home watching TV or reading.

4)   Stretch a little when you get home. Again, just choose a few stretches that get your hips moving and your spine moving.


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