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Ashtanga Yoga Mysore Style Yoga Class at Yoga Village in Potts Point

Ashtanga Yoga
Mysore Style

Please read the full description on the Yoga Village website before attending

Following the same sequence as the the Ashtanga Led Class, these classes allow students to move at their own pace and are taught in the traditional style or self practice. Students are not expected to know the sequence and will be taught it one on one in a group setting over time. 

Students become familiar with the sequence and develop a self practice that is guided by an experience Ashtanga Teacher & Practitioner. Over time this sequence grows as students are introduced to new poses when they have mastered the pose they are currently working on. As a result of this time required to learn the sequence students commit to a regular practice to ensure they learn the sequence properly and safely (3 times per week minimum). 

This method, developed by Patthabhi Jois allows students to genuinely progress their practice, at their own pace, which means they are not being pushed forward or held back due to the rest of those attending the class. 

Students should arrive early, the doors open half an hour before the advertised class time and you are welcome to get started as soon as you arrive if you already know the sequence. If you are new to this style please arrive at the noted class start time.

Expect your first practice to last around 30-45 minutes, which will eventually build up to a full 90 minute practice.
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Ashtanga Led Full Primary Yoga Class at Yoga Village in Potts Point


Ashtanga Led Full Primary

Ashtanga Led Classes will follow the Primary Series from the tradition of Pattabhi Jois. 
This class is fast paced, dynamic and challenging however, over time, as familiarity with the sequence grows, students will find the rhythm more meditative. 
More suitable for students with some yoga experience (one month of recent regular Ashtanga Yoga practice).
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Yin Yoga Class at Yoga Village in Potts Point

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a more passive style of yoga that involves holding fewer postures for longer periods of time to generate deeper movement, targeting the deep connective tissue of the body and to open up in to the joints. Classes are challenging but accessible to all levels.
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Gentle Hatha (Slow Flow) Yoga Class at Yoga Village in Potts Point

Gentle Hatha (Slow Flow)

A beautiful fluid practice, Slow Flow incorporates Hatha Poses and and flows gently between poses. This class is less vigorous practice that Ashtanga and Hatha Vinyasa and is appropriate for all levels.

Expect this class to incorporate a mixture of Yoga Asana (poses), Pranayama (breathing exercises) and Meditation.

Suitable for all levels and for pregnant ladies
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Hatha Yoga Class at Yoga Village in Potts Point



Hatha Vinyasa Yoga

Hatha, meaning the balance between the sun and the moon, is a free flowing and physically challenging style of yoga. This is the perfect for those who are looking for an activity in which they can completely channel their energy. Students are encouraged to breath through the ever changing poses and can expect to feel revitalised at the end of the class.

This is a mixed level class and teachers will offer different options for those of different experience levels. Some experience is required.
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Beginners - Yoga Foundations Yoga Class at Yoga Village in Potts Point

Yoga Foundations

Our Foundations classes are for students who are fairly new to Yoga or who wish to focus on the basic foundations of their yoga practice. These classes will bring you back to the basics, teaching the fundamentals of basic poses and transitions that you will find in the general Hatha classes.

Running much like a course, these classes run on a 5 week rotation after which students will be properly prepared to attend general classes. Students can join at any time, and so long as you attend for 5 weeks all the material will be covered.

It is recommended students initially attend 2-3 times per week to gain all the benefits and growth that this practice can offer.
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Restorative Yoga Class at Yoga Village in Potts Point

Restorative Yoga

Anyone can do Restorative Yoga, it is the perfect balance to a dynamic practice or a great way to ease yourself into yoga if you are a beginner. Restorative Yoga is wonderful for overcoming stressed, lathery or sickness and can be helpful in recovering from physical injuries. Restorative Yoga works by relaxing the body and mind with gentle movement (vinyasa), restorative poses to stretch deeply into those hard to reach places (Yin), breathing techniques (pranayama) and deep relaxation (yoga nidra).
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Restorative Yoga & Meditation Yoga Class at Yoga Village in Potts Point

Restorative Yoga &

In ancient times, meditation was the goal and yoga postures were regarded as a means of enhancing the practitioner's mental and physical capacity to sit in meditation with little distraction. True to its authentic purpose and formula, this yoga class incorporates a 40min Restorative yoga sequence to calm, stabilise and facilitate the release of body and mind, followed by 20min of guided breath meditation to awaken deeper states of awareness and cultivate mental concentration. It is suitable for all levels and anyone interested in moving beyond yoga as purely a physical practice.
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