September Transformation 2017

Want to commit to your Yoga Practice but struggle to find the motivation? This is the program for you!

September Transformation at Yoga Village Potts Point & Double Bay

Maintaining a consistent daily practice is the best way to reep the mental and physical benefits of your practice and is the only real way to progress. Practicing once a week will feel good but every week you'll be at square one again, practicing twice a week you may start to see a very slow change but the magic really begins when you practice 4 or more times per week. It is easier than you think - the time is there, you just need to claim it. Set your alarm, get out of bed and  on to your mat and you'll notice a change throughout your entire day. 

In September we have lowered the price of a monthly pass (valid for one class per day) so we can commit to practice as a group and see how yoga can really transform your life. If you sign up and commit to 5 practices per week for the month of September 2017 and you could win a Three Month Membership!


For $140 you will receive

  • A One Month Pass valid for one class per day for the month of September 2017
  • A Recipe Guide to help you stay healthy throughout the month
  • A video to help you establish a home meditation practice
  • Regular Tips from Yoga Village to help you stay motivated

Everyone who completes the five practices per week will be in the running to win the Three Month Membership*


If you sign up and have an existing pass purchase the Transformation Pass and then email us to put your current pass on hold. 



*Pass is valid from September 1 to September 30 2017 and will not be placed on hold or extended for any reason

*No refunds on this pass

*One Three Month Membership will be awarded and will be drawn on October 3 2017 - the winner will be notified by email and announced on our Facebook page

New Student Special


One Month Unlimited

September Transformation at Yoga Village Potts Point & Double Bay

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