Introduction to Teaching Trauma Informed Yoga

With Karen Spitz at Yoga Village Potts Point
Friday, June 3rd


Introduction to Teaching Trauma Informed Yoga Workshop at Yoga Village Potts Point

This 3 hour workshop is designed to introduce yoga teachers to the ideas and science behind teaching a trauma informed yoga class.


Some of the Things We Will Cover

  • Why is understanding trauma important to a yoga teacher? We will explore the impact of trauma in our community and the daily reality of a survivor.
  • Trauma in the body - we will develop an understanding of trauma's physiology and symptoms.
  • The power of yoga - we will consider the profound power of yoga to heal and consider some of the difficulties trauma survivors may experience in a non-trauma informed class.
  • TSY principles - we will become familiar with accessible, real and simple ways to make a mainstream yoga classes more supportive of survivors and their healing.
  • Self care - the importance of boundaries, referrals and your own self care.

This workshop will have a practical focus and be delivered in a supportive environment where Karen will share her own lived experience of using yoga to heal trauma as well as the growing insight she is gaining from teaching in a trauma informed way.



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  • $85 Book After May 27

About Karen

Karen did not think anything would change when she started practising yoga – isn’t it just stretching with a dash of closed eye chanting? While Karen began practising in her late teens and yoga was profoundly life changing she decided, perhaps predictably, to ignore this and become a lawyer. Volunteering at community legal centres from her early twenties, Karen was committed to working with asylum seekers and women experiencing domestic violence. It was during a client interview with a women affected by multiple trauma that Karen realised she wasn’t facilitating healing or supporting long term empowerment. Looking for a way to make a meaningful difference to survivors of trauma led her to becoming a yoga teacher.


Karen now runs her own yoga business in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Her trauma informed work has grown over the last 12 months as she has worked with mental health services, survivors of sexual assault and clients living with PTSD. She has presented on the topic and is currently working on the integration of trauma informed yoga into 200hr teacher training in Australia and the development of a yoga based child abuse prevention program. To learn more about Karen and her work go to

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